Eyrie - Eyrie Demo

01. Cows Came Home
02. The History Of A Sleepless Night
03. I've Been Taking Prescribed Medicine For Three Weeks And Still No Effect
04. How I Spent This Summer
05. To The Ground

When I open an album full of songs which don't peak over two minutes, generally I don't expect to be greeted by soft, minimal, jazz-like bass playing that echoes across the tape. Or do I expect - oh wait. This is the thing: Eyrie doesn't wait. Their vocal-chord-wrenching guitar-screeching drum-smashing mangled emoviolence-screamo hits so fast and unexpectedly that 'wait' really isn't a thought prominent in my mind. Perhaps some of the most intense screamo I've heard this year, at times it almost resembles demented fast-paced industrial, with screeches and occasional snarls of feedback noise, so knotted and mangled is the production here. The effect is something incredibly dense, but uniquely so. It's an incredible demo, and very promising for Eyrie's next release.

Reviewed by Beth.

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  2. On this monday they released a posthumous EP on cassette, with 4 re-recorded tracks from demo and 4 unreleased tracks, mp3 promise this weekend.

  3. https://amicables.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-2