Monday, February 18, 2013

Donovan Wolfington - Stop Breathing

01. Die Alone
02. Spencer Green
03. Coca-Cola
04. American Spirits
05. Love Is Natural
06. Ryan Rowley
07. Zero
08. Hell
09. High Life

It's only February but I know this is going to be in my headphones frequently for the rest of the year. This is fuzzy indie-punk loveliness that only comes along every so often, the type of band that you rave to all your friends about but then they usually break up before you get to see them live and all of the members start other side-projects which are great and you buy all their stuff but you always think back to their original band and mourn their absence. A bit like going to a Sparta show, nodding enthusiastically but wishing you were watching At The Drive-In (back when they cared) or going to a Maritime show wearing your favourite Promise Ring t-shirt. What do these guys sound like? For me, they sound like Dowsing meets Desaparecidos, with a hint of Lemuria thanks to the occasional female vocals. It's got quite a nostalgic sound to it and reminds me of lots of 90's emo/indie bands, they come from New Orleans and if there's a God in heaven lots of people will buy this, come to their shows and they'll be able to tour extensively and make more awesome records that build upon this impressive sound. My favourite tracks is probably 'Ryan Rowley' which is the song that best encapsulates my Dowsing/Desaparecidos comparison, the album is released officially in April but can be streamed or bought for $1 on their bandcamp page. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Gary.

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