Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ulises Lima - Waiting For The Summer

01. Remember
02. The River
03. Ashes
04. Waiting For The Summer
05. Old Habits
06. Silver
07. Kids Are Still Kids
08. The Dolphin And The Lion
09. A Thousand Words
10. I Shot Them All
11. Easy Chicks
12. First And Last Time

Since I've started doing these reviews/features I have been introduced to some great foreign bands, and the Spanish three piece from Madrid, Ulises Lima are certainly one of them. Their emotion brand of punk is both catchy and easily to listenable. There are only a couple of bands like this that I listen to however as it's not really my thing. One of those bands being Nottingham's Plaids. I really get the same kind of punk vibe from this band as I do from them, so check out both of those bands. Ulises Lima's first LP 'Waiting For The Summer' is full of great sing-a-longs (yes, sing in English, which is a lazy plus for people like me) and catchy hooks for sure. I'd probably say my favourite track on the LP would be the title track, which is pretty classic punk to tell the truth, however the powerful, rough, shouty vocals really give it the kick it needs to be branded by the band. This record is full of twists and turns, fantastically thought out songs and real emotion in the lyrics and delivery of the vocals. It's well worth a listen and a download, if you want emotion, punk riffs and tangents, then this is for you.

Reviewed by Steven.

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