Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twin Cities - Ghosts

01. Intro
02. Thousand Years Dungeon
03. Effigy
04. Glass Ropes

An excellent short EP from Louisiana's Twin Cities. Great scream is often creative, and this is no exception. The melodic, almost ambient-like soundscapes created in the slow-building 'Intro' and the dusty, clanky, stinking-of-old-memories and horrendously-recorded piano track which grows near end of 'Glass Ropes' show that they have an appreciation for experimentation. That's not to say 'Ghosts' is gimmicky or doesn't know how to kick things up a gear - the ferocious drum intro, breaking into a wall of snarling guitars of 'Thousand Years Dungeon', attests to that. Twin Cities know exactly how to shift from speeds to textures to harrowing vocals accompanied only by a drum beat, screaming of hatred and violence, of inner peace disturbed. Nor do they lose that early ear for melody - uncommon in hardcore/screamo, they used high-end guitar tones with a lot of reverb, echoing and building during some of the most climatic passages to excellent effect. Recommended to those who like their punk ferocious, self-loathing and somewhat different - it's a fantastic effort overall.

Reviewed by Beth.

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