Monday, January 21, 2013

Ted's Approval - Red Dream

01. Burn And Rage
02. Samantha
03. Golden Gate
04. Barry Bonds
05. Children In Churches
06. Enredadera

The drums are tinny, thin and battered, and the guitars sound like a demented electric shaver at times - but that's a very good thing, on 'Red Dream'. Ted's Approval play with snarling messy hardcore as well as more drawn-out, early-era emo passages, moving between the two seamlessly, giving the record variety and time to cool down between the fiercer tracks. Low, clear bass tones cut against the DIY untidiness of everything else, break out between sections and rumble beneath the raging storm of guitar and drums, acting as a great leveller. In total, the Californian outlet have made a ragged, angry record, unafraid to mix things up whilst still undeniably raw punk - musically and lyrically.

Reviewed by Beth.

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