Monday, January 7, 2013

SRVVLST - I Would But I'm Baroque

01. Intro
02. Butterfly Kids 2
03. Blood Dries
04. Cold Feet, Warm Heart
05. Work Friends
06. Union Break
07. Interlude

I'll admit, when I saw the title of this release I expected something a little more goofy than the dominantly instrumental indie punk I ultimately got. The aptly titled 'Intro' is little more than gentle swells until a bass guitar enters around the 1:47 mark, but doesn't get loud until it meshes with 'Butterfly Kids 2'. Shouty vocals sit atop noodly riffs and nimble drums, yet something about this release is hard to pigeonhole. While undoubtedly utilizing some of the expected conventions of the emo revival, SRVVLST easily transition into driving bass and aggressive drums, creating an interesting dynamic. The guitars are intricate, but favor cohesive meshing over intense shredding. The nearly six minute 'Cold Feet, Warm Heart' is a standout track, starting with a simple guitar and kick drum pattern that slowly builds tension until a great start/stop gang vocal part. While the vocals are interesting and earnest, this track is most effective by sandwiching a short vocal section between weaving instrumental passages, which essentially describes the distribution of vocals throughout the entire release. 'Union Break' is a cool final track, containing only a bass riff and a muffled field recording.

Reviewed by Justin.

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  1. This band amazing to see live as well, one of the best live music experiences I have had.