Sunday, January 6, 2013

​Southtowne Lanes - Place Called Home Split

01. ​Southtowne Lanes - Table And Glass
​02. Southtowne Lanes - Luxury Of Lies
03. Place Called Home - 374 Miles From Home
04. Place Called Home - I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore
05. Place Called Home - Bath School Disaster

Putting a sheet over your head does not make you a ghost. Injuring and drinking yourself away will not hide your despair and self-loathing either - and west-coast based Southtowne Lanes' and Place Called Home's split EP is painfully aware of that. The balance in tone and feel between the two halves - the difficult part of a split - is spot on. Southtowne Lanes and Place Called home both offer a variety of emo without straying off focus. Take Southtowne Lane's side alone: melodic, almost-catchy guitar parts which border on pop punk break away to slower, bass-led or lo-fi guitar build-ups, and then further hammering riffs - all whilst remaining a consistent and accessible style. I'd almost call it 'fun' if the frustration in the half-spoken, half-screaming vocals weren't so utterly miserable (and fantastically done, I might add). Place Called Home similarly shift between tempo and texture with ease, warm chords and melodic punk are broken up by solemn words and/or screams, and it's easily equal the first half. It's a really great split - and a note to anyone living in the south/south-west US: these bands are currently touring together, do catch them if you can.

Reviewed by Beth.

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