Monday, January 21, 2013

Righteous Cycles - At Rest

01. Hamburgled
02. There's No Hope For You Here
03. Untitled #9
04. Relativity

'At Rest' is, in parts, four solid songs which which fit closely into pre-existing styles of emo - jangly guitar lines, or post-rock influenced tracks echo with fuzz, or warm chords and spoken word breaking into screaming intensity. Patterns seen often before, but when assembled together, with a raw, aching voice to join them, Righteous Cycles have made a rather unique record with a much-appreciated pinch of variety. The vocals are terrible in the best kind of way, half-growling-half-screaming-half-shouting, and not willing to hold back lyrically, either. Take the very first few lines, for instance: "All your friends are lying / they don't love you / they just keep laughing / laughing at you." No, it doesn't relent after that. A great debut, in total.

Reviewed by Beth.

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