Friday, January 25, 2013

Quone - Quone Demo

01. 14 Points
02. Spare Me The Pleasant Trees
03. Bonesaw Vs. Karl Malone
04. Choreographed Dance Moves
05. We Are A Metal Band

This Toronto band presents a strong first recording in the form of their demo, definitely showing promise moving forward. The first track '14 Points' is an instrumental that introduces the record, and admittedly got me to let my guard down with its spacey melodies. What follows is a group of songs that are heavy, noodly, and emotional all at the same time. Intricate riffs give way to heavy plodding sections that turn to melody in an instant. The vocals are a strained yell that never quite reaches screamo territory, though doesn't sacrifice any emotion. A strong introduction to an interesting band.

Reviewed by Justin.

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