Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nurture - In The Middle Of Everything

01. Eye On The Back Of My Hand
02. Branches And Time
03. Mercenary I
04. Mercenary II

There's something cool about this group of songs that I can't quite put my finger on. Musically these fall somewhere between post-hardcore, hardcore, and screamo, with the vocals harnessing a desperate quality that isn't totally unlike early Thursday. The pace of these songs rarely creeps above mid tempo, but the intensity doesn't lack for it. The meandering, melodic introduction to 'Mercenary I' creates a nice shift in mood, and the song continues on in a slower, seemingly more reflective fashion until its counterpart 'Mercenary II' speeds things up and cranks the intensity. This song is a strong closer to this short group of songs, packing all the previously exhibited strengths (passionate vocals, stop start rhythms, intricate riffy guitars) into one final punch.

Reviewed by Justin.

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