Sunday, January 6, 2013

Minutes & Miles - Lizard Lights

01. Ísafjörður
02. You'll Never Forget An Elaphant
03. Grab Your Own Bones
04. Isn't There One Called An Animal That's Like That?
05. Potential Snakes
06. Swimmin' In Cinnamon
07. The Huss At Sugarman Park
08. White Suits (Which I Need)

This record is pretty heavy. Right out of the gate, I'll say that this album will most likely appeal to general fans of screamo/skramz/whateverwe'recallingitnow. While this album definitely makes use of some of the genre's most often used devices, they definitely use them as a foundation to explore more diverse influences. The first track acts as an intro, mixing dreamy ambient guitars with a spoken word sample before the tension builds at the beginning of 'You'll Never Forget An Elephant'. The ambient guitar sections balance nicely with the heavy and intense passages, allowing for a little breathing room amid the chaos. The heavy parts are riffy, chunky, and dense all at once. The diversity on this album is what makes it stand apart from its more genre loyal contemporaries. The vocals on the beginning of 'Isn't There One Called An Animal That's Like That?' are passionately sung rather than screamed, complimenting a slightly dissonant riff before exploding into screams and double kick drum. The song surprises again in the middle as the singing vocals return along with jazzy drum patterns and finger snaps. The rest of the songs continue in this exploratory vein, with 'Potential Snakes' putting sing along group vocals over a gentle guitar riff and a choir of crickets. This is definitely an interesting release perfect for people looking for something a little different in the realm of heavy music.

Reviewed by Justin.

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