Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Limbs - Limbs Demo

01. Duck, Alien!
02. Putty Gasket
03. Cave Dweller // I'm Stuffy, Again.
04. Sea Monkeys
05. "Close The Door, Goddammit!"

This release isn't terribly easy to categorize. Even the tags on Limbs' bandcamp page don't seem to be sure what this is, as it's tagged as six different genres. The first song 'Duck, Allen!' starts with a reverb coated riff and builds steadily in intensity. Musically this wouldn't seem too out of place among certain dischord releases. These songs aren't too fast, and rather than chords the guitarists tend to favor chunk riffs that move the songs in an almost groovy direction. The vocals dance between sung emo sounding passages and more shouted post-hardcore influenced sections. It might be a stretch, but the repetitive nature of some of the chunkier riffs remind me slightly of Lungfish, while at times the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of I Hate Myself. From time to time Limbs throw in a technical shredding riff, though it never seems forced or mathematical. For a demo, Limbs have crafted a pretty unique group of songs, and I look toward their future releases with anticipation.

Reviewed by Justin.

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  1. need a link to facebook and/or bandcamp

    Thanks for listening and for the kind words!