Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Cat - Dealing With Depression

01. Mighty Morphine Power Rangers
02. Google: Cat Vagina
03. Maps
04. Tentacruel Intentions
05. Ghosts
06. Loosey Goosey
07. This Christmas Isn't Going To Get Drunk And Ruin Itself
08. Big Black (Songs About Fucking)
09. Scribbles
10. Pith

When I learned that Family Cat hails from Richmond, VA, I already (perhaps unfairly) had expectations as to what they would sound like. While I wan't entirely wrong, they offer an energetic and fresh take on mid tempo punk rock. Some of these songs start safely enough, but 'Google: Cat Vagina' glides seamlessly into a catchy more 'alternative' passage that gives way to crooned vocals complete with a little falsetto. The rest of the songs on this album build on this foundation, and mix catchy lead riffs and chunky chord progressions with combinations of fast shouted vocals and slower, more groovy crooning. At times this seems like a bit of a split personality, but an over arching sense of cohesion makes this release a solid listen.

Reviewed by Justin.

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