Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eros + Massacre - Behind The Aesthetic Form Lies The Repressed Harmony Of Sensuousness And Reason

01. Language Solution
02. Chaos Never Died
03. Lo Inefable
04. Disjointed Volitions
05. Book Of Esther

Five songs, right around five minutes. Just how I like it. Eros + Massacre play a blisteringly fast kind of hardcore, with plenty of scream and black metal influence to boot. Admittedly, black metal is a genre I never got too heavily involved in, so I can't speak to extensively on the bands from which Eros + Massacre draw influence. What I do know is that this release packs a hell of a punch in five minutes, and definitely calls for repeat listens. The guitars are thick and dark, the drums are fast and crazy, and the vocals are screamed and in Spanish (the band hails from Madrid). Definitely worth a listen, you'll be hitting the replay button before you know it.

Reviewed by Justin.

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