Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Drummers - Drummers

01. Planes I
02. Planes II
03. Hearts
04. Oceans
05. Fabric I
06. Fabric II
07. Seasons
08. Islands
09. Bridges
10. Home

I wasn't able to accurately guess the sound of this release by the cover alone, and in a lot of ways I kind of liked that. What I expected was something on the prog or even potentially electronic side of the spectrum. What I got, however, was some abrasive sometimes noodling post-hardcore with slightly grandiose post rock leanings. These songs duck and weave artfully, sometimes reminding me of a less technical Native with nods to the talk yell vocal style of bands like Off Minor thrown in for good measure. The acoustic track 'Seasons' is a welcome breather, slowing things down before the full band attack resumes. This is definitely worth a listen if you like shouty, riffy post-hardcore.

Reviewed by Justin.

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  1. cannot find a bandcamp or anything for these guys. the buy link is dead also. but i really love this and wish i could get the lyrics somewhere.