Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonjour Machines - Bonjour Machines

01. Rendezvous
02. Meanwhile...
03. Funeral
04. Ignorance
05. Libel

Bonjour Machines are thrashy, trebley and are obviously kings of the messy guitar tone, however it works. This Israeli band were brought to my attention by Adam who runs this site and I had no idea what to think, to be honest I thought it was just going to be some samey emo band, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started listening. This band have the charm of a band like Hot Club De Paris mixed with the harsh trebly punk riffs reminisant the 70's punk movement combined with some sketchy vocals which I never really heard anything like before, they're pretty strange and in the mix with everything else sound fantastic. However the thing I love most about this band, is how big they can make thin sounding melodies. It's quite remarkable how big this record gets, to be quite frank and it makes me like the record so much more.

Reviewed by Steven.

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  1. They're fucking awesome! I listened to the EP a couple of days ago and I loved it! Really hope seeing more stuff from these guys in the future!

  2. I really liked it, hope to hear more.