Friday, December 28, 2012

Slurred Terms - Sand Castles Split

01. Slurred Terms - Meaningless
02. Slurred Terms - Parked Car
03. Sand Castles - Rdatr
04. Sand Castles - Leaving Songs

Any fan of midwest acoustic emo will probably have heard of both these acts in 2012, either through their individual releases or their association with other bands such as the awesome William Bonney. First up is Slurred Terms aka Ethan from William Bonney. He released an excellent EP back in November (which included a Hightide Hotel cover) and if you like introspective acoustic emo in the vein of Warren Franklin this will be right up your street. Where his EP was all acoustic, the first of the new tracks he offers up on this EP features a full band and sounds excellent. 'Meaningless' is his best song yet, opening with a tuneful guitar riff and lyrics that seem to be dealing with a couple fleeing a house during a natural disaster ("keep talking while I check our door, I pray for danger and let death in a little more") it's an excellent opener to the split. His next offering, 'Parked Car' is a solo acoustic effort that brings to mind Warren Franklin in both tone and vocal delivery - great stuff. Sand Castles are next up, and their first song, 'Rdatr' was actually on the EP they released back in February, and it's standard acoustic emo which borders on forgettable. The last track on the split, 'Leaving Songs' is a new one from Sand Castles and features a full band. If you like twinkly midwest emo this will be right up your street and it will be interesting to see how their sound progresses. On the strength of the 2 tracks they offer here I would prefer if they went down the full band route, as 'Leaving Songs' is very promising and a great end to a split by two exciting new acts.

Reviewed by Gary.

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