Friday, December 14, 2012

Mahria - Watcher Split

01. Mahria - Lady Problems
02. Mahria - Fault
03. Watcher - The Father, The Son, And The Hot Doggin' Ghost
04. Watcher - I May Be A Chump, But Chumps Change
05. Watcher - No Limit Soldiers (Vs The West Texas Rednecks)

Clue #2 Records will release this awesome split between Mahria and Watcher. Mahria is a female-fronted four-piece screamo/hardcore band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, heavily influenced by bands such as Yaphet Kotto, Kidcrash, Loma Prieta, La Quiete, Celeste, Orchid, Beach House, Joy Division, Converge, and Hiretsukan. Watcher from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is four-piece chaotic screamo/hardcore band in the vein of Welcome The Plague Year, Pg. 99 and Orchid. The split contains five pissed off songs in 10 minutes, listen to them!

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