Monday, December 31, 2012

Kites - Barely A House, Barely Even A Structure

01. An Opening
02. Reflections
03. Empty Carcass
04. The Old Man In The Living Room Mirror
05. Blossoming

The bandcamp page for Kites makes note of this release being the band's demo, and while the recording quality reflects this to a degree, it should not be a reason to prematurely write off this collection of songs from this talented young band. The lazy comparison to make here would be to mention popular "wave" bands like Touche Amore, but Kites is most definitely reaching further back to the traditional screamo predecessors. Parts of the vocal delivery remind me of The Saddest Landscape, while certain slow passages channel the solemn riffing of Funeral Diner. Kites haven't yet crafted anything starkly innovative, but this is a promising demo pointing toward what could be a captivating next release.

Reviewed by Justin.

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