Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crossings - Feelings And How To Destroy Them

01. Lucky Socks
02. Let's Weather Talk
03. Brian Blessed: Original Shouty Man
04. Furzedown '03

Finally, here is the second My Endless Minutes x Örange Moustache Records release. Hailing from Lincoln, UK, these guys are putting out four brilliant emo songs again. I highly recommend this record for fans of mathy and twinkly emo bands such as Snowing and Speedboat Salesmen. Absolutely catchy guitar melodies, sweet basslines, personal lyrics and honestly sad shouts... love the whole EP. For me, the best track on the album is the first song called 'Lucky Socks'. 'Feelings And How To Destroy Them' was released on 10 limited, handnumbered yellow tapes by Örange Moustache Records. Listen, share, download for free or pick up your copy now on the link below!

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