Thursday, November 29, 2012

Topbunk - Springlake Pharmacy

01. Christian Side Hug
02. You're Always On E & I Worry About You
03. Team Sports
04. What Derek Said
05. Our Year
06. Entopinionology

Starting with a simple but effectively picked chord progression with vocals in the vein of Taking Back Sunday, Topbunk’s debut starts a tall one to say the least and as soon as the two piece from Atlanta kick in they feel like a five piece without question. As the EP progresses it will get harder and harder for you to pick fault with the jams these guys are playing. Their influences’ list includes bands such as: Dads, American Football and You Blew It! however I feel like this band sure do step away from those influences just enough to have their own distinct sound, maybe it’s the trombone that is added into the mix by their multi-instrumentalist drummer that adds another layer to this band’s sound or it’s their super catchy guitar riffs and vocal lines, I’m not quite sure. However, what I am sure of is that this band is definitely one for you lo-fi emo listeners to go and check out. Their CD is coming out through Ex Novo Collective and their EP is up on bandcamp to listen to right now. Get on it.

Reviewed by Steven.

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