Friday, November 23, 2012

My Iron Lung - Grief

01. Broken Holmes
02. Clementine
03. Family Traits
04. Late Bloomers, Early Caskets
05. Here's To The Collaborative Efforts Made By All Things Under The Sun

These guys a couple of months ago got signed with Pure Noise and decided to release through this label their debut 7". Their sound is highly influenced by Pianos Become The Teeth, State Faults, early Touché Amoré etc. So, as you probably realised they play that new kind of screamo/post-rock and I assure you they do it very well. Although, some claim that they sound like Pianos Become The Teeth in the annoying way that even their vocalist is trying to sound exactly like the vocalist of Pianos Become The Teeth. Their sound isn't exactly something new to the screamo community but still 'Grief' is an enjoyable listen and I recommend you to give it a try if you're into screamy post-rock.

Reviewed by Thanos.

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