Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kelsi Grammar - Me And All My Friends

01. Bad Jokes
02. Sleep Slow
03. Me And All My Friends
04. Goddamn Friend
05. Pissing In The Kitchen Sink
06. Stale Teeth
07. Tree
08. Some Days
09. Shitty Sentiment
10. 0Twelve

Kelsi Grammar is a three-piece emo/screamo from Kennesaw that hasn’t been around for long. They released their only ep three months ago. It’s a really good album if you're into that late '00s - early '10s emo/screamo era. More specifically if you aren't a fan of overly melodramatic lyrics but you often find yourself enjoying them, here's an album for you. Also there are some post-hardcore parts on this album. I'd also like to say that sometimes the vocalist's voice reminds me of andy hull from Manchester orchestra. Finally this ep has some pretty neat moments (ex. track 5: Pissing In The Kitchen Sink) and if you listen to it a couple of times I'm pretty sure you’re going to love it.

Reviewed by Thanos.

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