Saturday, November 10, 2012

Junior Healy - Moholy Nagy - Per Se Split

01. Junior Healy - The Fraying Of The American Family
02. Junior Healy - Tragedy At The 911 House
03. Moholy Nagy - Es De Lamentar Que La Tradición Sea Utilizada Como...
04. Moholy Nagy - Tout Dans La Nature Se Modèle Selon La Sphère, Le Cône...
05. Moholy Nagy - Prefiero Estar Sometidx A Mi Silencio Que Ser Esclavx...
06. Per Se - El Sonido De Las Olas Romper
07. Per Se - Mar Negro

The Lima, Peru based La Flor Records have released this three-way split. Junior Healy from Gainesville, Florida, US opens the split with two intense and technical screamo songs. Moholy Nagy from Lima, Peru follows them, these four guys play two softer, instrumentally-based, mainly post-rockish songs and a really heavy and short song, which is my favourite on this record (you should listen to it below). And finally, Per Se from Mérida, Mexico play two traditional emo/screamo songs. Great stuff, listen to it!

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