Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coma Regalia - En Sperata

01. Envave
02. Meridias
03. Plasabac
04. Teselonea
05. Yarneep
06. Scalabe
07. Hauresh
08. Esplame
09. Lorell
10. Layell

This two guys from Indiana, US are brilliant at what they do! They have released numerous splits in this year (with Capacities, Vowel, Laeirs, Marital Roles and The Catlin Elm) and now here is their new full-length called 'En Sperata'. I personally feel that this album has everything I need, nice melodies, crashing drums, heartfelt screams. 'En Sperata' is my new favourite, I think, highly recommended to all emo/screamo fans. The one-sided 12"is up for pre-order now over at Middle Man Records, How Soon Is Now Records, Listen To Aylin Records and Pure Heart Records.

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