Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sugartown Cabaret - This Is A Split

01. The Lodger
02. Two Days Only

Sugartown Cabaret is a five-piece band from Caen, France who formed in 2004. Sugartown Cabaret features members of Amanda Woodward, Aussitot Mort, and Karysun. They play a great style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore mixed with screamo within their sound. This Is A Split is the band's latest release, featuring two new songs. This Is A Split features two new songs worth of music, which total 10.2' minutes in length. On this release, the band takes more of a post-hardcore angle and these new songs are absolutely incredible. I'm a huge Amanda Woodward and Aussitot Mort fan, and these new songs are some of the best for the band so far. Musically, Sugartown Cabaret falls somewhere between the melodic stylings of bands such as Adorno and the epic sounding screamo of bands like Pianos Become The Teeth. Overall, this is another killer 10" for the band. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Chris.

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