Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sohns - Ripe​/​Rot

01. Intro
02. Soul Train Blues Of The Broken Skull
03. Abomination
04. The Hole In The Foul
05. Soul Salvation

Sohns is a four piece band from San Antonio, Texas who formed in 2006. Sohns play an amazing style of extremely volatile, discordant, and off kilter hardcore, punk, and screamo with influences that come from a variety of sources. Sohns' sound is not easy to pigeonhole, which makes the band stand out in a sea of bands who are aping a the latest trend in underground music. Case in point, is the large amount of bands going off on the Pianos Become The Teeth or Saddest Landscape spectrum of things as far as current screamo is concerned. Sohns is actually a refreshing change of pace and the band immediately grabbed my attention after I heard their latest 7". Ripe/Rot was released via Flannel Gurl records on July 31, 2012. Musically, Sohns remind me of a hybrid of sounds where bands like Orchid, Capsule, and Comadre are good starting points of reference when describing what Sohns sounds like. This mixture of sounds and styles result in five songs of discordant, volatile, and brutal as fuck music. Another killer release by Flannel Gurl Records, to say the least.

Reviewed by Chris.

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