Tuesday, September 11, 2012

∞ - Näyt Kauas

01. Elä Sinä Minusta
02. Hetki Jolloin Emme Tienneet Mitään Toisistamme
03. Kuvaus Kahdesta Henkilöstä
04. Sinä Näyt Kauas
05. Keuhkot
06. Kesäni
07. Pääsiäinen
08. Neljäkymmentä

∞ (eight) is a four-piece band from Jyväskylä, Finland. They play screamo with post-metal, hardcore, black metal and sludge influences. This album is truly powerful and emotional at the same time, and the Finnish vocals fit well with the music. I must say, this is a really interesting record and I highly recommend to you. The guys released this stuff on tape, so you can buy it on their bandcamp page. Give them a listen!

[ download ]

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