Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ma Catharsis Et La Mort - Ma Catharsis Et La Mort

01. Prologue
02. Chapter I
03. Chapter II
04. Chapter III Part 1
05. Chapter III Part 2
06. Chapter IV
07. Chapter V
08. Chapter VI

This record is simply amazing, 21 minutes of passionate, intense screamo from Puerto Rico. Harrowing melodies, tight drumming, bitter screams, all mixed up to expressive songs. To be honest, Ma Catharsis Et La Mort's newest EP is one of the best stuff I have heard in the last months, so don't hesitate, listen to it! Furthermore, these guys will take part on the upcoming MEM Compilation with a brand-new song. Keep following the blog for more information.

[ download ]


  1. chapter III part 1 is amazing! and the new song blows off your mind. they have played it in local shows!

  2. This is incredible !

  3. Real screamo from Puerto Rico, baby!