Thursday, September 27, 2012

Choirs - I Used To Think That Nothing In Life Mattered, Now I Know For Sure

01. Pallbearer
02. Like Trainwrecks
03. Elephant
04. Speaking Fiction (To The Beat Of A Flat Tone)
05. I'm Not Lost, I Just Don't Know Where I Am

Choirs is a four-piece screamo/emo band from San Antonio, Texas, US and this is their latest record from 2011. I don't want to write more about them, just listen to this. Truly a great album!

[ download ]


  1. Hey guys thanks for posting our record. We are recording soon for two splits, and a song on a carucage comp. I will send you them once they are mixed.

  2. they toured with this really shitty band called moths once. check it. they're so terrible it is worth a listen

  3. ive seen moths before, in austin, the music was awful and their guitarist had to have had his delay on for the entire set, he kept stomping it trying to keep in tempo. really all it did was warp what he was playing in a really detuned non-musical way.. sounded like a wash of distortion with random rhythms flaying over top.

    would definitely see them again.