Saturday, September 1, 2012

We Came Out Like Tigers - Agelessness And Lack

01. An Introduction
02. Sous Les Pavés La Plage
03. Remember Why You Are
04. These Terrors Are Dismantled By Friendship's Light
05. Inimical
06. Endure
07. Immutable
08. Take Pleasure In The Processes
09. If You Were Frightened, It's Because It Was Frightening
10. I Sing Of Sorrow And Joy

Yeah, here is the long-awaited debut full-length of We Came Out Like Tigers. In this record they play black metal influenced screamo, so all the songs are sadder and darker, than their previous ones. There are more tremolo guitars, fast blast beats, desperate and heavy vocals. And the violin... I love screamo bands that use this instrument and in this record the sound of the violin makes the music really harrowing. I have to say, 'Agelessness And Lack' is one of the best albums of the year, awesome stuff, so go have a listen and preorder it! The 12" LP will be available to preorder from the 3rd of September by Dog knights Productions and limited to 500 copies in three different versions (the wooden box edition looks really great).

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