Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Republic Of Dreams - Republic Of Dreams

01. There´s No Bullshitting Here
02. Your Fahrenheit Is My Celsius
03. An Enlightened Macho Is Still A Macho
04. Franz K. is (Not) My Bus Driver
05. Dance Tonight, Revolution Every Day
06. Shit Hits The Fan, But I'm Still Not The Asshole
07. (Your) Banality Is Evil
08. Golden Parachutes For The Carpetbaggers, Austerity For The Rest
09. It's Still Fucking Personal
10. A Refuge Becoming Utopia

Republic Of Dreams is a three-piece screamo/emo-violence band from Germany/Poland, featuring members of Lousie Cyphre, Resurrectionists and Apoplexy Twist Orchestra. This self-titled stuff contains their songs from the split 7" with Beau Navire and the split LP with Cloud Rat, 10 blazing tracks in 14 minutes. If you like loud, fast and chaotic music you have to listen to Republic Of Dreams, really great band.

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