Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Usual - My Life Is The Pause

01. Where Everything Is Going
02. My Life Is The Pause, The Space Between
03. You Can't Go Home Again
04. Rubble
05. We'll Get There
06. Losing It
07. Nothing Genuine
08. Where Everything Is Coming From

Hell yes. Here's the latest release by The Usual. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, The Usual is a band from Hagerstown, MD who formed in 2010. The Usual play a great style of music that incorporates elements of emoviolence, screamo, and hardcore within their sound. Stylisiticlly, the band plays music in a vein similar to bands such as Loma Prieta, Beau Navire, and We Were Skeletons. My life Is The Pause is the band's latest release and features eight new songs in just under 12 minutes. Seriously, this is the band's best material to date. I've been hooked on the band's sound since their split with Migrations as well as their Lightletters LP and these new songs blow those releases out of the water. Another killer release that's well worth checking out.

Reviewed by Chris.

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