Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shizune - Shizune

01. Petit Déjeuner En Enfer
02. Ok...Anywhere, But Not In 秋葉原
03. Kairos
04. Redshift
05. Days Of Væstena
06. Shit, I Need More RAM!
07. Weekend At Lake Vostok

Enrico asked me to check his band's self-titled debut 7" out. So come on! Shizune is a screamo band from Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy. They play fast and heavy screamo with calm, melodic, sometimes post-rockish parts. The lyrics of the album are very interesting, the songs were written in English, Italian and Japanese. The Japanese song called 'Ok...Anywhere, But Not In 秋葉原' reminds me of Envy, but if you like screamo, post-hardcore or melodic hardcore you will love this album. Great debut, listen to it! And if you like, buy the 7" on Shizune's bandcamp page.

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