Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Öt Percünk Maradt - Mite De Cimetiére Split

01. Öt Percünk Maradt - Hídomlás
02. Öt Percünk Maradt - Ősz
03. Öt Percünk Maradt - Március Elseje Margójára
04. Mite De Cimetiére - Blue Present In Black Picture Frame
05. Mite De Cimetiére - A Hetedik Vonat
06. Mite De Cimetiére - Hearse Of Daylight Hidden Behind The Curtains

In my country there are not many screamo/emo bands. But now I recommend to you a perfect split between Öt Percünk Maradt and Mite De Cimetiére, two really great bands from Eger, Hungary. If you like the sad, bitter screamo/emo songs, you have to listen to this split. Highly recommended.

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