Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Means To An End - Cassette

01. ...And Which Is Lost
02. X
03. Call Of The Void
04. XX
05. Imperfections Of Growth And Decay

Finally, here is the new Means To An End stuff! I love their demo and the new songs are fucking awesome too. The band originally started as a five-piece in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US during late 2010, released 'Winter Demo' in early 2011 and later became a three-piece. The ex and current members also play in Relationships, Old Accusers and Pray For Teeth. About the new stuff... this is a preview of their upcoming EP, there are three perfect intense, a bit noisy screamo songs and two interlude named 'X' and 'XX'. All the songs are very short, 'Cassette' is under six minutes, but this six minutes are brilliant. I highly recommend it for all MEM readers.

[ download ]

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