Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Occam's Razor - Letters From The Slave Auction

01. Prerequisite
02. Vol.001
03. Cloaks
04. Day Dreamer
05. Untitled

Occam’s Razor was a three-piece band from Fresno, California, US. They played chaotic screamo/emo-violence and released two EP and splits with Lachance and They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow. 'Letters From The Slave Auction' from 2004 is my favourite Occam's Razor' stuff, so you should listen to it, if you like chaotic screamo.

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  1. Could you find a way to get these songs back up? Really interested in finding out more of this band but can't seem to find them. All results seem to be shitty metal bands or just people saying how awesome this 7" is. Thanks in advance