Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nous Étions - Limbes

01. Dans La Plus Noire Des Nuits
02. Exsangue
03. La Complainte Du Matérialiste
04. Inukshuk
05. L'empire

Nous Étions is a Montreal, Canada based band who formed in 2010. Limbes is the band's debut EP which is set to be released on June 22, 2012. Nous Étions' sound is massive, dark, and intense to say the least. The band does an amazing job in seemlessly combining elements of post-hardcore, screamo, and sludge into their sound. At times the band reminds me of a darker version of Daitro or Sed Non Satiata. At other times Nous Étions makes me think of bands such Celeste or Envy. Overall, Limbes makes for a great listen. Great stuff!

Reviewed by Chris.

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