Friday, June 15, 2012

Luau - Choke Up Split

01. Luau - I Don't Wanna' Grow Up
02. Luau - Keene
03. Choke Up - Splinter
04. Choke Up - Salt

Two bands from Boston, Massachusetts, US. Luau is a three-piece heavy pop punk band featuring former members of Bravo Fucking Bravo and Pretty Faces. Choke up is a four-piece band, they play hardcore/punk/screamo and have heavier sound than Luau. The last song named 'Salt' is my favourite song on the split, awesome track, you must hear it. The split was released on 7" by Intense Human Victories Records and What We Talk About When We Talk About Records.

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  1. asszem a choke up-ba játszik egy vagy két (ex-)The Effort tag is