Sunday, June 17, 2012

Like Bats - Midwest Nothing

01. Sad Stories About Sad People With Pathetic Dreams
02. Empty Sky; Grey Tomorrow
03. My Favorite Kind Of Cigarette
04. Dry Heave
05. Stray Dog
06. This Haunted Life
07. Little Cuts
08. Double Or Nothing
09. The Last Catholic In America

"For fans of young broken hearts."
Like Bats is a three-piece punk band from Lansing, Illinois, US. 'Midwest Nothing' is their debut LP, which contains nine energetic, catchy pop-punk songs in 32 minutes. The LP is available on vinyl from John Wilkes Booth Records.

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  1. great band, but i'm pretty sure that picture isn't of any of them.

    also, if you like those dudes, check this out: