Friday, June 22, 2012

Gillian Carter - Ghost Aviary Split

01. Gillian Carter - Early Retirements
02. Gillian Carter - No Comment
03. Gillian Carter - Instrumental
04. Gillian Carter - Graduating With Honors
05. Gillian Carter - I've Been Forgotten And So Have You
06. Ghost Aviary - Chelsea
07. Ghost Aviary - Anya Did Coke For Like A Week
08. Ghost Aviary - Eat Your Cake, Panda; It's Gonna Be A Long Night
09. Ghost Aviary - Ghosts Scare The Shit Out Of Me
10. Ghost Aviary - Math Event

I have received a lot of messages and comments since yesterday and I have decided to continue My Endless Minutes (and in the future I will also work for Elementary Revolt). Sorry for the dead mediafire links, but I will not upload the deleted files again. The new stuff will upload to zippyshare and I hope all will be fine. Thank you for supporting the blog.

Here is two excellent screamo bands from Palm Bay, Florida, US. Gillian Carter’s half of the split contains five intense screamo/punk songs with some post-rockish elements. Ghost Aviary's half also contains five songs, which are calmer and slower-paced than Gillian's tracks, but I really enjoy the whole album. The split was released on cd, what you can buy on the link below. Great stuff, I recommend this to all screamo fans.

[ download ] [ buy ]

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