Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adorno - Year Two

01. X
02. Up, North
03. Stories Over Miles
04. Missing A Warm Light
05. Connections
06. The Whale
07. The Bear
08. One Thirty Six
09. Uncharted Maps
10. Untitled
11. Said & Unsaid

Regular readers of this blog need no introduction to Adorno. For those of you who may not be familiar with the band, here's a brief description. Hailing from Portugal, Adorno play passionate hardcore with a melodic edge. The band started as a group of 4 friends who create powerful, energetic melodic post hardcore with a message and lots of heart. Adorno play screamo-hardcore with really intense vocals. Noisy, distorted, melodic, beautiful, emotive, and sad sounding music. At times, it's really hard to catagorize the band's sound. The songs are genuine and honest and it’s rare when a band like this comes along and sticks so close to how this style should sound, but adorno has accomplished this sound to perfection. Fans of 1000 Travels Of Jawarhalal, Hot Cross, and Comadre take note! Look for this latest installment in the band's discography to be released this winter on Italian label Shove Records. The songs on this discography are the songs from the band's split 7" with Black Heart Rebellion, split 7" with Eric Ayotte, split 12" with Sugartown Cabaret, their track from the Connections compilation, and one unreleased song. These eleven songs haven't left my stereo all weekend. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Chris.

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