Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Suis La Lune - Riala

01. Cornea
02. Stop Motion
03. Wishes & Hopes
04. Hands Are For Helping
05. In Confidence
06. Remorse
07. All That Meant Something
08. Riala
09. Sense In A Broken Dialogue
10. One And All, Every Bit

Hell yeah. Here's the album from Suis La Lune. I know this has been on several blogs already, but I decided to do this post and give Riala a proper review. Suis La Lune is a band from Stockholm and Gothengurg, Sweden. It's been almost four years since the band released Quiet Pulls The Strings, and Suis La Lune's sound has evolved a great deal since their last album. Suis La Lune has added a calm, melodic, and almost poppy texture to their sound that adds a layer of complexity to their trademark frenzied, tense, and chaotic sound. Suis La Lune's new album is phenomenal and the band's hiatus has paid off for the band. The ten songs on Riala are tense, melodic, and are at times catchy, which really offsets the band's frenzied and chaotic moments. Amazing album. Fans of Funeral Diner, Pianos Become The Teeth, The Saddest Landscape and Kidcrash need to give this a listen. Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by Chris.

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  1. thank you so much, i already had it ordered but shipping takes too damn long.

  2. it's been six years since quiet, pull the string. although it was four years ago they released heir