Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The New Yorker - Living Among Winners And Losers

01. Looking Up To A Traitor
02. Shirly Phelps
03. Nine Years Young
04. Withstanding Degradation
05. Familiarity And The Opposite
06. Living Among Winners And Losers
07. Receive Me From Agony
08. Katie
09. Consuming
10. Taxi Driver

The New Yorker is a screamo/hardcore band from Northwest Indiana, US. Their guitarist is from Lord Snow and ex-Raw Nerve, and their drummer was in Expendable Youth. I posted their split with Throes two years ago and now Matt asked me to check their last 12". The 10 songs on this album are fast-paced and under two minutes. I recommend 'Living Among Winners And Losers' for all people who like intense and emotional music.

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