Monday, May 21, 2012

Carrion Spring - A Short History Of Decay

01. Selah I
02. Neck Romancer
03. Year Of The Carrion
04. Selah II
05. Hemorrhage
06. Selah III
07. Swan Dive
08. Selah IV
09. Red Tide
10. Short History Of Decay
11. Selah V
12. Troll's Toll
13. Of Course I'm Fucking Broken
14. Selah VI
15. 12 Years Past (Red Scare Cover)

Here is the latest LP of Carrion Spring, a great screamo/post-hardcore band from Portland, Oregon, US. This album was originally released digitally in 2011, and this is the remastered version with three new tracks. 'A Short History Of Decay' is available for purchase from Fist In The Air Records, Bear Records and Forever Escaping Boredom. Amazing stuff, I strongly recommend to you.

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