Thursday, May 31, 2012

Animal Faces - Anomie

01. Can't See Why
02. Breathe Lightly
03. Sleep Tightly
04. Anomie
05. Watered Down
06. The Shape Of Landscapes

Every so often, a band’s music will sneak up on me and sink its fangs into me. Sometimes there’s a struggle, and sometimes there isn’t. Animal Faces’ sophomore effort Anomie is an album with which I didn’t put up a fight. These Toronto, Canada natives couple instrumentally-driven post-hardcore with sparse vocals reminiscent of other acts such as Caravels and …Who Calls So Loud. Achingly brilliant, this gem of an album is sure to leave you breathless from beginning to end. I think my favorite song off of Anomie is the last one “The Shape of Landscapes” for the movement of the contemplative nature at the start of the song to the cresendo of penetrating intensity in the middle that holds until the end. This is the perfect ending to a flawless album. I’ve been essentially unable to listen to anything else but this band for the last few days, so consider yourself warned.

Reviewed by Natasha.

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  1. thanks for the nice words!
    european people can order the vinyl from


  2. I just saw these guys perform last night. They killed it

  3. what's the password to download the album?