Sunday, April 1, 2012

State Faults - Desolate Peaks

01. Sleepwalker
02. Cities
03. Arrowhead
04. Shiver
05. Faultlines
06. Wayfarer
07. Teeth And Bones
08. Sleeptalker
09. Hallways
10. Vespers
11. Skeletons

The best part about State Faults’ album Desolate Peaks is the ability of the band to condense intense, atmospheric hardcore into short compositions- most of which are no longer than 3 and half minutes. Rarely can groups achieve this without sacrificing some integral facet of the music, but State Faults perfectly balances ambient guitars reminiscent of post-rock acts such as Giants and Caspian with rapid hardcore drumming and earnest, Daitro-esque vocals that satisfy the listener’s desire for intensity, while still leaving room for reflection. Perhaps this is because each song feels like a continuation of the one previous to it. They all build upon the others to create a tapestry of different pieces that are all unique, but all of which fit together in beautiful harmony. My favorite song off of the album is Arrowhead, which I believe exemplifies what these California natives are trying to accomplish in 11 songs. You feel as if you’ve been given exactly what you’ve been looking for, but you’re still left wanting more. State Faults is a group to watch for 2012. I predict others will pick up on this gem of an album, and it will only grow in popularity. I give it a solid score of 5 out of 5, and I guarantee you’ll listen to it more than one time through in one sitting.

Reviewed by Natasha.

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