Friday, April 6, 2012

Prawn - You Can Just Leave It All

01. At Dawn We Left
02. Wesley's Pipe Dream
03. Get Down
04. Sammy
05. Clever Hands
06. Horizontal
07. Perfect Equilibrium
08. Slaying A Paper Dragon
09. Questions For Dome Chomsky
10. Transcendental Deduction (Copernican Turn)

Prawn are an emo/indie rock band from New Jersey who play an infectious blend of emo and indie rock with occasional nods to post rock. Prawn's influences are vaired but relatively easy to pinpoint. Prawn mix elements of 90's midwestern emo influenced by bands such as Mineral, Boy's Life and Christie Front Drive. I also hear a bit of Casket Lottery, Able Baker Fox and possibly Elliot within their sound as well. Prawn takes these sounds and modernizes them to create an amazing 10 songs worth of music. Seriously, I can't find a single clunker of a song on this album. This is a great follow-up to their False Intentions EP released in 2009. On a side note, Prawn just signed to Topshelf Records and Prawn fits in perfectly with the current crop of bands currently being put out on their new label.

Reviewed by Chris.

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