Monday, April 16, 2012

Interskramz Volume 2.

Interskramz Records, a small DIY label run out of Boston/Oregon, will be releasing Interskramz Volume 2 on June 15th in cooperation with INSRGNT-[Arts] (NY). For all you screamo fans, the name began as a joke and should not be taken seriously under any circumstances. The release is the second installment in a series of volumes that seek to bring exposure to smaller bands within screamo, emo, power-violence and related genres. Volume 2 will include such acts as Raein, calculator., Birds In Row, Old Gray, Pariso, Caust and many others. More will be announced very soon in what will soon comprise a total of 40 artists on this compilation. A preview of the album is available to listen to on the interskramz label bandcamp. It will be released physically on vinyl, CD and tape later this summer through INSRGNT-[Arts].

[ listen ]

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