Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hides - Hides

01. Side A
02. RXed Up
03. Stand Off
04. Phase I
05. B&E
06. Stalkerish
07. 207
08. Detectives

Hides are a three-piece band hailing from San Francisco, CA who formed in 2011. On their debut EP Hides incorporates a diverse variet of sounds including hardcore, screamo and emoviolence. The band combines thrashy riffing mixed with a screamo type vibe. Hides comes from the same scene that spawned Comadre and Loma Prieta. Overall, this 8 song EP blazes by in about seven minutes and is reminisent of bands such as Ampere, Orchid, Loma Prieta and Comadre.

Reviewed by Chris.

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